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Are you worried about the chemicals and toxins in your home?
A healthier life, a healthier family, and a healthier planet all start with a healthy home.

Discover the secrets of toxin-free living with Laura Trotta. Her unbeatable combination of skills – scientific expertise, environmental passion, and the practicality that comes with being a busy mum (!) – has helped hundreds of women around the world breakup with household chemicals… for good! From cleaning, to stain removal, to personal care and pest control, you’ll learn everything you need to detox your home and live your happiest, healthiest, greenest life.

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About Laura
Born with a green heart, Laura is obsessed with all things eco and has been living and breathing sustainability for over 20 years. Laura is an experienced environmental engineer, holds a Masters of Science degree in Environmental Chemistry and founded the multi-award winning eco-parenting business Sustainababy. As a mother of two young boys, she understands busy and the complexities of running an eco-friendly household in the modern world.  If you’re ready to create a healthy, eco-friendly home you’ll get there much sooner with Laura’s guidance.
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What others are saying are saying about Laura and her programs.....

"Laura has provided me with the knowledge and the tools to make my home a beautiful healthy place She’s always happy to help with any problem or question I’ve had and I can’t thank her enough for all her time and effort."

Lauren Vilimovsky 

"Laura’s recipes made it so easy for me to feel confident in what I am doing and the performance of the cleaners has been absolute amazing."

​​​​​​​ Sara Fieschi​​​​​​​

"Not only do I now have the knowledge and tools available to create a more environmentally sustainable home, but my family is benefiting from improved health (including that my children’s eczema has disappeared, which has been a very long road for us) and improved sleep."

Jodie Wakefield