The 5 Main Sources of Toxins In Your Home
and How To Reduce Their Impact On
Your Family's Health


In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The 5 Main Sources of Toxins in your Home that May be Impacting Your Health 
  • Simple Steps to Reduce the Risk from these Lurking Dangers in Your Home
  • The One Ingredient in Household Products You Need to Be Aware of that Isn’t What It Seems

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Born with a green heart, Laura is obsessed with all things eco and has been living and breathing sustainability for over 20 years. Laura is an experienced environmental engineer, holds a Masters of Science degree in Environmental Chemistry and founded the multi-award winning eco-parenting business Sustainababy. As a mother of two young boys, she understands busy and the complexities of running an eco-friendly household in the modern world.  If you’re ready to create a healthy, eco-friendly home you’ll get there much sooner with Laura’s guidance.
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What others are saying are saying about Laura and her programs.....

"Laura has provided me with the knowledge and the tools to make my home a beautiful healthy place She’s always happy to help with any problem or question I’ve had and I can’t thank her enough for all her time and effort."

Lauren Vilimovsky 

"Laura’s recipes made it so easy for me to feel confident in what I am doing and the performance of the cleaners has been absolute amazing."

 Sara Fieschi​​​​​​​

"Not only do I now have the knowledge and tools available to create a more environmentally sustainable home, but my family is benefiting from improved health (including that my children’s eczema has disappeared, which has been a very long road for us) and improved sleep."

Jodie Wakefield